Walsh brothers - Ultimate Puzzle Masters

While Stephen has been the founder of Dash since 1985, he has always been supported by his family. His father Lorne Walsh, who had previously worked as a teacher and for the Csdm, was also involved in Dash's project. Then his brother Bryan joined him while continuing his activities in Improv Theatre. Stephen has a passion for languages and chess. Besides, it's always fun to challenge your boss for a game... At Dash, there's no doubt that the Walsh brothers are the ultimate masters of puzzles!

100 schools
100 schools

Software support Team - Puzzle Masters

Guess who in this picture owns a farm, is a former opera singer, an emerging programmer or a board game specialist and animator ? At Dash, the variety of profiles makes for exciting discussions. We enjoy helping schools, solving technical problems, and solving scheduling puzzles. We are open-minded, welcoming and enjoy using our creativity at work.

Programming Team - Puzzle Masters

A passion for legos, snowboarding or board games is represented in the programming team. Someone here has already worked in the video game industry or even in the restaurant business. Another has travelled all over the world, even where it's -40 degrees Celsius! Can you guess who programs in C++, PHP, JS, Jquery, CSS, HTML and SQL? Certainly, each of these brilliant colleagues make the many breakthroughs possible in Dash's products.

100 schools
100 schools

Summer Team - Junior Puzzle Masters

Every summer, young geniuses join us for the great season of master scheduling. They are future engineers, musicians, mathematicians or doctors, no challenge turns them away! Their talent strikes us every time, and some of them stay with us for several years. Tradition dictates that each lunch is spent playing various board games, for what better break than another game of strategy?

So, why is everyone doing puzzles ?

We think of developing high school master schedules as a giant puzzle. This complex task is our most demanding workload. That's why all the programmers and support team become puzzle masters for about a third of the year. The summer team, made up of post-secondary students, completes the work force required for this exciting task..