The scheduling module, our flagship product, is designed to track a myriad of possible requests. Schools can use this module in-house to facilitate scheduling or outsource the task to Dash during the summer break.

Dash continually develops faster and more precise algorithms to satisfy the particular constraints of each school. These features are especially useful when teacher contracts limit their allocation of spares or when a school offers a large variety of course selections and streams. Public schools benefit from substantial savings due to Dash’s unparalleled algorithms to balance students between course-groups and reduce overages.

For schools with fixed student groups, Dash aims to balance the periods of each course-group over the cycle and throughout the days. Simultaneously, Dash focuses on respecting all requests and on balancing teacher schedules while minimizing full days and unwanted breaks. In short, Dash helps make the workdays of teachers more pleasant.

A Dedicated Team That Listens to Your Needs

As schools develop and expand their course offerings and activities, scheduling in a concise manner becomes more and more difficult. For this reason, Dash representatives personally collaborate with principals and administrative staff to determine the school's priorities and needs before scheduling. This close contact is maintained throughout the entire process to ensure that the school's needs are met.

This allows our staff to ensure that when schools choose to outsource their scheduling, the final product adheres to the highest standard possible. Furthermore, Dash is always there to provide support to schools that choose to schedule independently.