The exam module allows schools to schedule exams at a specific time, date, and location, and to automatically assign tasks to all teachers. The automatic assignment can balance tasks based on the teacher workloads. Teachers can be assigned to invigilate exams, to provide supervision of hallways, to lead review sessions, and/or to perform any other task related to an exam session. The module supports both complete sessions where all students are in exams and partial sessions where only certain students have exams. It is possible to imitate the regular teaching schedule when assigning teachers to invigilate exams in partial sessions. It is also possible for a school board to manage the Dash application centrally to allow for greater collaboration between schools and the board.

Once the examination schedule is made, it is possible to create labels for exam envelopes in Dash. In addition, a vast assortment of reports and statistics can be generated:
- Reports listing the subjects, rooms, and invigilators for each exam.
- Customized exam schedules for each teacher (including the exams they invigilate and their complementary tasks).
- Statistics for each teacher’s workload (accounting for the exams they invigilate and their complementary tasks).
- Various other pre-made or customizable reports.

In short, the Dash exam module and its automation of certain tasks, massive data entry screens, and built-in and customizable reports will save you time by making the planning of exam sessions more efficient.